Graduate Study 

Master of Arts in Library & Information Science

Coursework (All)
Degree Requirements
Tracking Sheet (Core Competencies)

Graduate Certificate of Advanced Study in Archival Studies


LIS 557: Documenting Diverse Cultures
Culture, Race, & Cultural Competence” | 
Slides | 21min

LIS 520: Ethics for Library Information Professionals
Ethics of Access Services” | Slides | 11min
Complementary Essay

Selected Coursework & Core Competencies

April 2020
ePortfolio Reflection #3: Professional Development” **

August 2019
ePortfolio Reflection #2: Mid-Program” **

May 2019
The Evelyn Carnahan Library: A Prospectus

October 2018
Library or Information Organization: Interview and Tour” **

** indicates UA iSchool MLIS ePortfolio requirement

Undergraduate Study

Bachelor of Arts in Film

Degree Requirements

Selected Projects & Critiques

March 2014
Star Trek: Remixing a Classic Franchise for a New Audience

A Woman Scorned

September 2013
Addressing Shakespeare: 4 Plays

April 2013

Crashing in Traffic: An Argumentative Essay About Traffic vs. Crash

Inception: The Opera (A Reimagination Analysis)

March 2013
“‘Are You Watching Closely?’ The Structural Ambiguity of The Prestige

February 2013
Movie Breakdown: The Consequence of Action

November 2012
Concept & Final Production Design for Prospective Film Adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

October 2012
Como la Flor: Selena & the Cinematic Landscape of Multiculturalism in the American Southwest

Culturally Competent Cinema

Updated 7/2022

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